Electrical Safety Responsibilities for Landlords & Agents

National electrical safety council has found that landlords are exposing themselves to significant financial risks, from fines and invalidated insurance, through not acting on their electrical safety obligations.

By not taking proactive measures Landlords and managing agents  are also putting millions of UK private tenants at risk of serious accident or fire. This article will give you loads of free advice,tips and source of information to keep your tenants safe and meet your rented property's electrical safety requirements.

As a Landlord or a managing agent, you are required by law,

  • Prior to renting out your property to tenants, that you have taken reasonable measures to get the electrical installation checked and tested to make sure its safe for new tenants moving in. Also its maintained well throughout the period.
  • HMO's ( Houses of multiple occupation)- A valid electrical inspection certificate available for the duration, usually this is either ones in 5years or change of tenancy. These tests to be carried out by a registered and a qualified electrician
  • All appliances provided to tenants are safe and compliant to minimum CE requirements. For peace of mind appliances can be tested via PAT test (Portable appliance test)

Electrical safety council (now known as electrical safety first) recommends following to keep you top of the league when it comes to safety of electrical installation 

  • getting electricians to do electrical testing and certification everytime tenents move out and move in can be very expensive as in some rented properties in London could have multiple tenancy changeovers within a year.  In this case you can get an electrician to do a visual inspection between these changes (visual inspection usually cost lot less than full tests) provided this is within 5year range (every 5 years you will need a full test)
  • Adequate RCD protection (what is RCD?) available through out the electrical installation within your property
  • When carrying out any electrical work, get few quotes and use a registered electrician. This could be cheaper in the longrun than you think. 
  • When signing up a contract make it clear to tenants that the appliances and the electrical installation within the property has been tested and declared satisfactory by an electrician before they move in and it is also tenents responsibility to maintain appliances provided in a good condition, if they see any defects either in appliances or within the electrical installtion, they need to inform this to managing agent or landlord immediately for nessesary actions to be taken 

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