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Fed up with your old canopy light, We supply and install LED canopy lights at very competitive prices for forecourts. Forecourt LED canopy lights are ultra energy efficient and will save you electricity, Much brighter than any other old school canopy light and looks great too. Our prices start from around £300 per fitting to supply and install. Give us a call now for a competitive quote

This is an image from a complete new canopy light conversion to a BP filling station forecourt that we've carried out in Katesbridge.   

After the conversion site looks lot brighter from faraway. Client was well pleased and have recomended 4 other customers to us. We provide the most competitive LED canopy light installation prices. We cover all London, Luton and all surrounding areas

Electrical Inspection, Testing & Certification of Petrol stations, Filling station Hazardous areas.


As a part of your petroleum licensing requirements,site operator should carry out this annually.

Picture from one of our customer sites in Crawley 




We are compex 07&08 qualified to carry out filling station electrical periodic inspection reports. We are also NICEIC approved contractors for commercial & industrial work as well as City and Guilds qualified for various types of electrical and security installation work.


Currently we provide an ALL-IN-ONE service package to new customers at a very competitive price


* Annual forecourt electrical testing

* Police monitoring for intruder alarms (Redcare dual com, Police URN's for various makes and models of intruder alarm systems)

* take over of contracts from ADT, Chubb and provide you a competitive price usually around £385 per whole year for dual com with alarm service and monitoring

* CCTV maintenance 

* Portable appliance tests

If you have a very Old fuse board like this supplying power to Pumps in orecourt, This will not comply to current regulations as they do not have double pole isolation as well as adequate RCD protection required by current regulations.


Give us a call for a free quote for upgrade

This is a Modern Forecourt Hazardous area Distribution board with correct RCD protection and isolation.


We can provide you a very competitive price for a new board installation. All works are fully certified and we are CompEx qualified and NICEIC approved electrical contractors


we can Quote you for 


  • Installing new supply circuits for additional pumps
  • new circuits for LED canopy lights
  • Annual testing of boards
  • upgrade of old power distribution boards


This is from a job we've carried out for one of our clients in Chatham Kent (Esso)

For some of the small site with low canopy heights we provide a cost effective Canopy light maintenance service using well secured extension ladders. this way you you could save bit of money on access platform rental. But this is not for every site as for health and safety reasons for majority of the sites we will provide access platforms to carry out work more efficiently (like in first picture)

recent new Hager Forecourt distribution board installation with emergency stops, site contactors and usual forecourt safety gears.


If you need your distribution board upgraded, why not give us a call now 0207 1750 338 | 0798 43630 52 | All London & Luton + surrounding areas 

This is a compact distribution board installed by us for a petrol station in Crawley (Gulf)

NEW Ze Test socket installation


If your filling station electrical installation is fairly old, then you may not have a Ze test socket in Place. This is an essential requirement to comply with current regulations and to have a pass electrical certificate for your annual electrical test


Image from a job that we have carried out for a customer in Peterborough (Gulf)

If you have OLD lights in your forecourt canopy we can quote you for  installation of modern highly energy efficient LED canopy lights.


This will make your forecourt looks lot brighter as well as save you money on electricity consumption 

PA system installation - If your forecourt PA system isnt working properly or needs replacing we can install a new one at a very competitive price

During our inspections, we do come across forecourt pump electrical connection boxes with damanged seals and visible fuel leaks in to the box, which can be very dangerous. 


Importance of annual electrical testing is that this type of issues can be identified and actions can be taken immediately to rectify these.


Picture of taken from one of our clients sites in Peterborough PE1 (Texaco)

If you are re-branding your site to BP, Texeco, Essar etc etc, its more likely they will install a new Pole sign. This old site we've carried out work in Brockford had an Old pole sign located 100 meters away from site (and distribution board) and we had to dig  a trench all the way to install a new SWA supply circuit 

Our team carrying out mannual digging work and cable laying    ( it wasn't a very nice day as it was raining for the whole duration of works)

All worth it at the end, This was an image taken at the completion. entire site was re-branded to BP. Shop has been fully re-wired. New DBs, New Red care alarm systems, CCTV , Police panic buttons and the whole lot. Since we have SSAIB, NICEIC & Compex accreditations we do the whole lot at a very competitive price

Replacement of a faulty Mains Imcommer RCD Switch fusegear in a petrol station in Maidstone (Esso)


Contact us for all your filling station electrical requirements. 


tel 0207 1750 338   mobile: 07984363052



Based in Luton, we cover all London, surround areas, Luton & surrounding areas


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